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The pounding of the drums matches Jay’s heartbeat for a single moment. But then he looks up, and Logan's lips are tracing words he can't hear over the music. He knows the conversation is just to have something to say, but he pulls his headphones off his ears anyway, and the moment of synchronicity is lost.
"Sorry, what did you say?"
Logan rolls his eyes. "Dude, I can hear your music from here."
You can't, Jay thinks. Not really. Or at least, what Logan hears is only the echoes of sound waves that have strayed from their journey. Not the same as the music at all. It seems important, somehow, that Logan isn’t hearing what he is. Logan is twisted around in his chair, elbows on the plastic laminate desk between them, and now that Jay has been broken from his trance the noisy babble of twenty other tenth-graders crashes and eddies around him. A few minutes of freedom at the end of fourth period.
"I was asking," Logan continues, "what you’re doing this weekend
:iconthecheshercat:TheChesherCat 1 1
worry stone
i woke up
to a stone in my mouth -
an old friend.
it's a comforting weight,
something to tumble and gnaw at
and choke on -
something to worry over
until my tongue is raw
and bleeding and my teeth
have worn away.
i've spat it out.
it finds me again -
fills the aching void.
i've grown to like the taste.
:iconleahshae:LeahShae 5 1
"i'm sad. what the fuck do you want from me?"
there are unsung silences seeping
from the battles of your hands
and half-smiling saintliness
a countenance
craving the cavings-in
of mattresses in early,
early mornings
this empty, aching avenue
your beauty is not beautiful:
not art or statuesque
just stoic in the most
half-assed sense of the word
divided in on yourself,
unbent, unbroken
you fight with flowers and fires alike
and you're unburnt and unbelievable
the way you wait,
just halfway there to your
implosive therapeutic
choked-off solitude
eyes closed, waiting
eyes opened, waning
(nobody notices
:iconblanketings:blanketings 7 1
SURABAYA by puken SURABAYA :iconpuken:puken 14 5
What's Left
You pull me apart like soft bread,
twist me between your fingers and scatter what’s left like dandelion seeds –
believing me capable of carrying your wishes –
but I am nitrogen and iron,
water and carbon –
I am enough
and my dreams were always just as urgent as yours.
:iconinkedacrylic:inkedacrylic 4 4
I am missing the calluses on my
I’ve forgotten just how rough poetry likes to be
held; I’ve forgotten how tiny my
grip is on her.
I cannot wrap my hands tight enough to spill
the feeling from her throat.
She is begging me—
She is bursting and needy and
I am struggling to bring her to
She gets agitated with me.
She rubs me red & rare & raw.
I am whimpering—
wrapping band-aids
(halved, [the ends] trimmed)
in rings around my knuckles.
I have forgotten how much courage it takes
to have
writer’s hands.
I am missing the calluses on my
I am missing the
calluses on
everything else,
:iconanotherpassenger:AnotherPassenger 2 4
bonum et malum
i’ve started selling the fruits
of my mother’s labor
in hopes of learning to love myself
half as much
as men offer to spill their seed upon my skin.
but they say that
the apple doesn’t fall far from the family tree.
sometimes the apple doesn’t fall at all.
instead, the apple rots;
it dies on the branch before it ever ripens,
hollow flesh penetrated to the core
with worms.
there’s small choice in rotten apples,
as per Shakespeare,
and i, of all apples, know this:
those who want for fruit
will eat their fill.
:iconanotherpassenger:AnotherPassenger 2 2
sink or swim
the thing about storms is that you're either caught up in them
soaked to the bone and upset about ruined plans
or you're just on [the] edge, thunder in your bones.
waiting for the hit, the tidal wave to drag you under
and beg for you to return to the surface; more bodies
layer the ocean floor than could be counted;
you are not another number; you want it too much
to sink to the bottom and never come back up,
and so you float lighter than a feather
and the farthest from where you want to be ;
Aim is an ideal, never set in stone;
So take your stones and fill your shoes
See how far a feather can sink
:icontoxic--sunrise:toxic--sunrise 7 3
in the search for love, you overstepped
your boundaries bad for business
you browbeat your heart's heads
and sever its strings 
with your plague-paled overtures of peace
:iconhypermagical:hypermagical 4 1
'you could use the exercise'
it's petty, but I like that my size offends you-
                            that your proprietary attitude toward my body
                            provokes embarrassment and disgust.
your eyes are ugly 
                            and so could you.
:iconhypermagical:hypermagical 4 5
when reality fails to meet your expectations,
you force it.
and I'm left in the aftermath, making excuses
while you seek static to soothe the stomach you don't have for this.
:iconhypermagical:hypermagical 4 0
chronicles of the permanently exhausted
i. There’s always
one we loved
the most.
ii. Believe the
dying girl
when she
tells you
it’ll be okay.
iii. I’m not living
i’m surviving.
iv. The ghost of me
will trace your scars;
wispy fingertips tickling your memories of me.
v. Flashing lights in the midst of the
darkest nights, where sleep professionally avoids me
like you once did.
vi. From anguish rises
a blossom soon to bloom
you were my light, for this to happen.
vii. Maybe i don’t know what love is
but i thought i found it with you
viii. Calling upon the stars
show me where my lost lies
ix. Just crush my heart in your
hands, shaking from withdrawal
let my blood soak into your skin
don’t worry though, you’ll feel no guilt at all
all will be well, just keep squeezing until there’s nothing of me left.
x. i once wished
you'd let me beside you always.
xi. Nipped at the bud we,
ran and resisted but we
were fractured like bone.
:icontrappedwitch:trappedwitch 6 5
the february sun strikes me like a
violent lover in the fever of drink.
my breath is a disobedient child
that will not come. i feel it tugging
on the hem of my lungs.
in the heat of the sagacious sun,
i climb the steepest stairs. so
when you ask me laughingly why
the ragged breath, i can point and say
'look where i've come from'
and hope you'll understand.
:iconephemeraleloquence:EphemeralEloquence 11 3
the other.
I want to be somewhere
lie in the quiet of that otherness
feel the stars tingle through my skull
pounding bright
the solace of an unhurried tumour
bury me here in the heaving cold of the night
hunger for feeling, anything at all
whispering black
horizons of my thoughts dipping below the curvature
deep cool darkness, liquid absence
tangible warmth all but faded
all but my fingertips still glow pink
and then they will fill the room
inedible masses, indelible eyes
unblinking candour baleful in this canopy of falsehoods
which is falling through.
:icon91816119:91816119 7 1
tagged by blanketings 

name: gravity
nickname: g
location: the south
age: 26
height: infuriatingly short
zodiac sign: sagittarius 
any pets: long-legged hound mix with big puppy eyes
favorite thing about yourself: my humor
worst habit: the more stuff I have to do the less likely I am to do it
fun fact: I have an irrational fear of the sprouts on potatoes

gender identity: female I guess idek
sexual preference: women
romantic preference: women
"kinsey scale" score: not on the scale apparently. idk, hadn't even heard of this till now.
relationship status: in a relationship
myers-briggs type: infp
hogwarts house:I'm hufflepuff and I'm proud! I'm hufflepuff and I'm proud! I'm hufflepuff and I'm proud!

"early bird" or "night owl": night owl
bath or shower: shower. I used to like baths but now they kind of gross me out for some reason. the tub I have just isn't appealing I think. 
first thought in the morning: where's my damn phone! ugh, stop the alarm stop it! where's the button.. snooze...MY EYES
last thought before falling asleep at night: this is going to be some good-ass sleep
do you work or are you a student: student but let's be honest, they work me like a horse
what do you do well at: listening

drink: yes within moderation because I could easily become an alcoholic.
smoke: no, don't like the taste or smell and it's just awful health-wise. as a med student I am reminded ad nauseum of how terrible smoking is...and alcohol too, lol
do drugs: no. weed once. caffeine always. I remember this comment on the internet with this guy arguing that caffeine is worse than cocaine. and to be clear, he was arguing in favor of society using cocaine instead of caffeine. something about dosing and using it in tea. it was interesting.
exercise: I used to exercise a lot in college and early in med school. I've been itching to get back in the gym. I need to set up a routine
have a nervous habit: bite the inside of my cheek. used to pull at my eyebrows but I haven't done that since high school

what is your favorite…?
physical quality (in yourself): smile
in others: idk, it's never been anything specific
mental/emotional quality (in yourself): I'm mellow, calm
food: pasta
drink: cream soda
animal: dogs/giraffes
artist/band/group: radiohead, arcade fire
author/poet: ray bradbury, e.e. cummings
tv show: can't pick one so  the office, parks and rec, avatar the last airbender, 30 rock, bones, stranger things, happy valley, broadchurch, spongebob squarepants...I've watch so much stuff over the years. I'm an entertainment junkie
actor/actress: kate winslet, I suppose
blogger: don't follow any blogs

tag: everyone who read through this whole thing.



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this list goes on...and continues to grow exponentially


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