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Submitted on
January 15, 2013


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As part of The Review Project  I went around dA leaving writers I greatly admire and am constantly inspired by, some tiny reviews.

Here they are all gathered up as a feature. Please, if you have the time take a look at a gallery or two (if not all of them) or fav to save for later! :D If I have time, I'll try and add one of my favorite deviations of theirs but for now y'all will have to do the exploring.

Without further ado:

melodysnow's words have a way of getting under your skin. Her pieces are always refreshing and raw they are painted thoughts revealed with a rhythm as natural as your own thoughts. Honesty in the form of painfully beautiful imagery, reading her work is experiencing the soft beating heart of a blooming writer.

intricately-ordinary writes intricately but is hardly ordinary. Her writing is often a winding path of vivid imagery from which blooms inspiring insight. She is an observer of the world and of the beings that struggle upon it and she allows you to see them through her eyes in wondrous ways. Her imagination must be an overflowing fount as it streams out of her work with captivating force.

disrhythmic is an Earth old soul with dusty but shimmering stories to tell. Her work instills a sense of wonder, nostalgia, and yearning in the reader that tugs at the heartstrings. Written with a quietness that forces you to lean in to listen, her words have a subtle but irresistible draw, recreating the ancient mystery of a natural world.

IyraEMM's work is beautifully visceral. Her words form images you can touch and smell with amazing clarity. Each piece challenges you in spirit and in emotion. Her work wakes you up from the stupor of the mundane, recreating dream worlds, casting you down into the muddy depths of humanity then lifting you up to the ethereal heavens in flowing turn.

SCFrankles is a consistently clever writer. Her works are small but those little gems find a way into your mind where they keep you thinking and laughing days after your first glimpse of them. Her work is a welcome lightness in the heaviness of a day, a month, a year, a life; each piece is well worth the read.

your-methamphetamine writes with amazing intrigue. Her pieces are at once heartwrenchingly revealing and mysterious they beg to be read and reread until the lovely haze is cleared leaving the characters exposed and related to. The words fit together as if they could not be arranged any other way which lends a natural cadence to them.

Hfeather53 has the wonderful ability to connect readers to a heart written honestly upon the page. She writes in a skilled rhythm about aspects of life we all can appreciate. Her lines are fresh glimpses of reality and instilling glimpses of our most curious emotions. Her pieces are beautiful expressions of the struggles but also the lovely moments so many of us experience.

TheMoorMaiden is a fantastic prose writer as well as a promising poet. Her plots catch your attention immediately and her characters keep you reading with their uniqueness and strength. The pacing is always well set so there is neither an overabundance of descriptive work nor a sad lacking of it. She brings stories to life with a seeming effortlessness that is easily envied.

BloodshotInk work is always a breath of fresh air. Her prose has a wonderful sense of momentum as well as elements of surprise; you can never be sure where the story is going and for this, reading her stories is wonderfully engaging. Her poetry holds a similar sway in its lovely imagery and oft profound statements. Both poetry and prose draw out strong emotions with carefully chosen words and skillful construction.

Sammur-amat is a writer of inspiring passion and she manages quite skillfully to instill wonder. She has a great sense of flow her vivid words are strung together so masterfully by the end you are often left speechless. Her writing has a lovely fantastical sense but holds subtly to reality a combination that allows you to escape into vivid imagery wrapped in real and keenly felt emotions.

trembling-knees is a skilled sparse-writer: she breaks you down in the span of a few lines. Despite her brevity, every line is a small eternity, every word is felt deeply. She reminds you of the power in whispered things and her pieces are sure to leave you trembling.

Concora's writing is meditation. Her work exudes calm delivering the wonders of the natural world straight to your thirsty senses each piece touches the soul, each piece as beautiful and soothing as a sunset. Reading her work is nearly as good as taking a stroll through nature's most captivating scenes.

Thanks for taking a look!

Hope y'all are well.

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Ah, these are awesome! I know and love almost everyone you have featured here. I plan on doing this as well, but haven't found the time yet. But this is so great! I am definitely going to check out the few I didn't know.
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yeah, I thought it was a great idea. I look forward to seeing yours.
Awesome :D
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