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woozy for the ache of
her daylight love / my thoughts
bounce off the walls like
molecules / like this conversation
is a pinball machine / like the world
is ending. & / i know
that this straying
breaks me up, & you are
straining / to hold me down: but
i can feel her / in
the way my mouth
flickers like the lights, watch
her static snarled in my strobe,
breathe / just the way she taught me
& in the humble murmur i find peace,
& without her the peace is all i have
:iconpeaseblossoms:peaseblossoms 24 3
Tiger by silvercrossfox Tiger :iconsilvercrossfox:silvercrossfox 23 2 Inktober Day 3 - Poison by silvercrossfox Inktober Day 3 - Poison :iconsilvercrossfox:silvercrossfox 7 1 Breath of the Wild: Chuchus! by toxic--sunrise Breath of the Wild: Chuchus! :icontoxic--sunrise:toxic--sunrise 2 2
softly --
c i r c l i n g
your fingertips against my throat..  
:icontrappedwitch:trappedwitch 3 4
little diamonds of the sky by trappedwitch little diamonds of the sky :icontrappedwitch:trappedwitch 10 2 Juscelino by Ndzoodzoo Juscelino :iconndzoodzoo:Ndzoodzoo 14 22 The Devil of Hell's Kitchen by xxBatzyxx The Devil of Hell's Kitchen :iconxxbatzyxx:xxBatzyxx 7 2
dot succumbs to radiation
our heels are humming in a magic friction
fraught with incoherencies, a dazzling fiction caught against
our deepest insecurity: no lover in the weeds
                                       can save you
   no concrete humility can fix the flames licking at your lips,
      lashing at your hips-- imagine cracks forming in the creekbed,
                                                                                          whir and stir,
as you become some unrecognizable landscape, no longer anchored
 to canvas (Kansas blues, and greens) now rendered in painful and exquisite detail
:iconnawkaman:nawkaman 8 12
HIDDEN by puken HIDDEN :iconpuken:puken 19 1
May in the Evening
May, 2017 - i like the pure quiet,
that nuzzles my thoughts,
puts me to sleep, the windows blind
in a square room, near the ocean,
my mind, in a straitjacket,
after thinking too much of things,
i wanted the world to fit,
if possible, in my hand,
now the ocean is cold,
the shore's been swept away,
all the sandbars are gone,
i know you'll never get to me,
i look at boats deep in the sand,
i leave the door open,
in case you forget your key,
the latch broken,
in case i change my mind -
i'll never have it fixed,
i'll never learn carpentry,
some things are best left alone,
the world's been alone for centuries,
and it has gone on forever,
without you, without us,
and i'll never care to see - i went to the city, yesterday,
dropped off near your place,
high and white up the stairs,
perhaps to talk a little,
to start from there, perhaps
but i didn't make it,
now the the day is cold,
you're too far away,
i wonder, i get lost,
that i stop thinking altogether
:iconhighonwords:highonwords 2 3
no easy way
she smiled like a knife-
the worst kind of easy
filling in the cracks
lost at sea,
panicked yelling in unison because
        of lost baggage in between
        connecting flights
acts of war &
sound life advice
with our fashionable shoes
        questionable choices,
        & razors for manners
i’m stealing your words
sometimes i say things that
    aren’t meant to
    but they do
you move your mouth around
the words
summing it up with more
    than it’s worth
is an art.
:icontoxic--sunrise:toxic--sunrise 7 2
Verlorene by tithendar Verlorene :icontithendar:tithendar 594 46 UNFORGOTTEN by puken UNFORGOTTEN :iconpuken:puken 22 4
nonlover iv
and now, nonlover, you
hover transcendence over me, a
trick of the light,
sunsets that never end. these
immaculate misconceptions of mine
preen in that gentle grip,
gaze so real i could write boring
books about it
a drawing of your face
next to scribbled graphs of significance:
a profile profoundly
simple, a jawline just and curved,
a countenance never, ever
contrived, right there, margined in
mechanical pencil and stabbing cerulean ink
cloudlooking by moonlight yields only
impossible images of your
stone-carved stopping points
and dancing dissent
and your rigidity does not remain.
nonlover, i am not a scavenger,
not an artist or sculptor,
but you don't stand as still as you think you do.
:iconblanketings:blanketings 7 0
The way we choose to part
It came up one night
The way the moon sometimes
Peaks out of the autumn clouds
Wrong colored, jaundiced
A lovers moon made Ill by a lack
But with a few good shots
She brightened back again, the way
Slightly wilting lettuce will spring
To life if soaked in water,
In spite of being cut from the roots
And doomed to be torn up and chewed.
I don't remember when it settled
More than an evening, the way
A friendship begins to turn
Dark rooms and sweat glistening
The way it started to catch my eye
Whenever, in the store, I was told to slow
To hurry, not to dawdle as if still 4 and
Like a baby it began small, taking little,
But now after years of gestation it seems to be crowning, with the blood and mess
And we are the doctors debating the episiostomy,
Should we let it tear naturally, or ease the passing, two new lives born at the death of this one.
:iconcuspofamanifesto:cuspofamanifesto 4 9
october. I love this month. 

I'm giving inktober a go. I think it'll be cool to have a month's worth of work. it will also force me to take mindful breaks which are vital right now.

anyone going to see Blade Runner 2049? anyone see Blade Runner? what do you think of it? I've only watched it once and didn't care for it. I've heard it grows on you so I may give it another shot before I see 2049.

seen any good movies lately? I'd like to see Mother! cause I like pretentious ish but I don't know if it's my brand of pretentious. I like Malick's brand. last film I saw in theaters was IT and I thought it was a pretty good time. 



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this list goes on...and continues to grow exponentially


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