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White light
He says “hop on”,
and I obey -
I slide my hands
into his pockets
and anticipate speed.
We climb up the
valley wall,
the beauty overwhelms,
as if for the first time
I’ve seen this space -
Dreamscapes surround us
as we blur through the country.
Some ancient chemical switch
clicks off inside
and I gaze at the sun drenched
leaves and forest flowers.
We disappear into the shade,
as the forest opens up
her deep verdant heart.
And I continue to sit in chaotic flight
smothered by a God-smock,
painted by every colour
ever known -
and I exhale all my
yesterdays and tomorrows
I am thoroughly
:iconsherbetblooms:sherbetblooms 3 1
maybe the worms will have me
i'll be a leaf,
my color bleached, my edges brittle -
a little carbon and decomposition
among the madding mulch.
i'll feed whole forests.
:iconleahshae:LeahShae 6 4
feral lovesong
you're the moon and i'm the sea -
i paint your portrait on my skin,
my mocking mirrored canvas -
seething, swaying.
your craters
tear to tatters in my depths.
:iconleahshae:LeahShae 8 5
Anthology: is it enough to say 'I love you'
sky father
cloudy eyes sweeping over 
a past that only halfway happened,
shining with all 
the tender violence
of a lightning strike-
you are unwilling to let go.
give. me. more. I want all your 
love and looks undeceiving, soft beneath fingers
tearing you up from earth; with eyes
full. of. desire. I will find you
out, first flower peeking at the sun
in dewy demure, I will. I. must.
have you-grow and give. me. more.
tell her, I'm sick of living
I hang my self-worth on the crook of your beckoning finger and beg you to stay.
rock bottom, for the egomaniac
I wish you'd nourish me as well as your ego
but you leave me drowning in roughhouse lack
and, I, I, I - I overcompensate in pursuit of
a smoother surface to break for new breath
and fill my lungs with gulps of poisoned need.
:iconhypermagical:hypermagical 11 5
To Where the Jackals Are
You take the torch and I follow the leader
And I feel like a fake
Just feeling nothing on my own
With no look upon my face
I don't wanna take this trip alone
And I hope you feel the same way when its your turn to disappear.
:iconhypermagical:hypermagical 4 4
In the cloud ether
All of my flaws are rented, rendered
into fussy versions
of words spun into splendor;
I am a fraud, fraught
with contemplative curls
and whirled-around turns
into the lonely, dotted sky
and in this air I’m breathing heaving
gasps of any starlight,
leaving lips grazing on
along a faint horizon
caught in the mineral wave.
I will be etched into the sand,
and pass
into the tide of some routine Tuesday
morning when the world no longer wants
to look at itself in a pale moon mirror.
:iconnawkaman:nawkaman 12 14
Bewitching gently,
there was something
   so inviting
alive in the corners
of your smile,
In your wake,
you left me
A girl touched
by earthly magic.
:iconlady-yume:Lady-Yume 19 21
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:iconhypermagical:hypermagical 5 7
What Hips Are Meant For
My sister wishes for a little girl to stand next to her son,
to have my eyes & her curiosity. Sometimes I want to see
how far my car can go before turning around all because
I miss someone or some thing. She says I have hips meant
for birthing, which I could take offense to if she were
anyone else. If I were anyone else, the idea of being
someone’s every morning might be everything. Nothing
might be what I’ll grow used to. My sister holds her belly,
her son inside, waiting for his life to begin; I look at maps,
wondering where I’d feel at home & if I’ll ever learn
my way around regrets. She worries about shelter & how
to keep my nephew safe; I spend too much time thinking
about tattoos & how they’ll keep me in my skin. My sister
is content planning her life for others; I become too distracted
trying to escape the boundaries I belong to. She knows
I have a name for a daughter & the eyes to watch her grow;
I cannot be sure I have a place for one.
:iconfuzzyhoser:FuzzyHoser 23 87
facing east
and what use are you
he asked
if you cannot save my life
what use am i

i replied
trading my soul
for his
:iconmatieucanadawilliams:MatieuCanadaWilliams 4 0
Walking to Work on a Monday Morning
Crushed beer bottles,
like flower petals,
adorn the morning
sidewalk.  Sparrows
flutter in formation
from crumb to crumb.
Graffiti Malala smiles, saying
“You’re halfway to work;
you’re halfway from home.”
:iconanapests-and-ink:anapests-and-ink 3 3
nonlover v
stumble over sentences till the
stuttering starts to spell static
nonsense statements of
nonessentials and near-successes;
nonlovers never need,
always know
ever ending expectations
of springtime spacetime
air, an actual aspiration
accumulates, aches, ages,
apparitions, abstracts
pick at paper cups and
pile up predictions of purpose
without promise
creases cringe,
create choking chapters
blank on black tarmac
pressed to the present like
plaques on playwrights
it's the same somewhere
everywhere else
because there's nothing there
:iconblanketings:blanketings 11 0
Red Dress, Blue Dress
I send Blue Dress to class today, because Red went yesterday and if she has to hear Donnie pronounce denizen wrong one more time, she will explode right there into crimson flames. Blue spent the day at home on my bed, reading The Namesake and filling a whole page in my journal with musings about identity. She's too much in her head sometimes. A little forced socialization will be good for her.
She's my Blue Dress, but that's only how I think of her -- today she's wearing a block-print t-shirt I made in art last year and my favorite pair of dark jeans. The part that makes her Blue Dress is where she smiles at the crossing guard and asks how his day is going, something Red wouldn't have thought of in a million years. Red Dress is at this moment on Netflix, in fact, starting the next season of my latest sitcom. Blue was deep enough for both of them yesterday. Red can study later. It's not like I won't have the time.
"Hey, Lia!" Donnie is at the locker next to mine like clockwork, eight mi
:iconthecheshercat:TheChesherCat 2 2
It is a hot day and Leo's skin is flushed pink. Cato stretches out on the beach blanket next to him, hands behind his head and eyes closed. Leo stares at the book he is reading for ten minutes without turning a page. When a small girl in a blue swimsuit runs past, scattering sand over the two of them, Cato flinches, and Leo closes the book.
"The sun will be going down soon," Leo says.
"Yes." Cato does not open his eyes.
"This has been a really great day."
Leo says, "Listen, I've been thinking..."
Cato cracks open one eye, squinting against the sun's glare.
"About what you said. Don't you remember how we met?"
Cato opens both eyes, staring at the cloudless sky. He says, "Yes. The library. Looking for Majewski. It seems like longer than three months."
Leo puts the book down on the blanket, picks it up again. His hands are fidgety. "You said nobody writes about gay characters. What if someday, two people meet over this? Your collection?"
"We were talking about fantasy. I think Sap
:iconthecheshercat:TheChesherCat 2 4
when you feel like shit till you realize you haven't had a sip of water all day.

no wonder my body hates me.

well, it's early in the morning, I'm dehydrated, and I'm just trying to figure out what stage of grief I am in exactly.

what a week I had and this week now. I feel like I'm just going through the motions at this point. maybe I compartmentalize too well. or very poorly.

it's like that dog in that cartoon...everything is burning and I'm just sat on the couch numb as can be. giant pit in my stomach. and then I'm on the phone with my mom just fucking laughing. like everything is fine. no change here, LOL.

it's hard leaving a community that accepts you. it's hard saying goodbye. I just feel like I made a big mistake. but how could I have known it would be like this?

and then I get to the point where I just feel guilty as hell for feeling all this because I have a lot going for me. I can't help compare my sad shit to others' sadder shit. always reminds me of when my first dog died. and my mom was crying about it the day-of to her older brother who lost his child to cancer when she was like 8 and he just said, "try losing a daughter" or something like that. you know, the kind of perspective that only makes it worse. so I'm oscillating between feeling sad, faking happy, and feeling ashamed. I mean it's great. this emotional cocktail is fan.tastic.

why is it good to get close to people again? I think I've just about lost the plot.


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Favorite Musicians:
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this list goes on...and continues to grow exponentially


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