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Watchers Feature #4
:iconsky-blue-wings: On the Tip of my Tongue by sky-blue-wings
symptoms of red by fake-theory :iconfake-theory:
:iconlion-essrampant: HaikuWriMo 2015 by lion-essrampant 
At the End of the Day ~ by Niimble :iconniimble:
:iconamatenka: Six-Word Story: Villain by Amatenka
quote by EnthusiasticArtist :iconenthusiasticartist:
:iconejeans7: The Day The Cows Stopped Eating Ice Cream by ejeans7
Autumn Evening by StormBringer23 :iconstormbringer23:
:iconcholie: She Said by cholie
Me Transformice by dinoavi44 :icondinoavi44
:iconhypermagical:hypermagical 4 2
What Hips Are Meant For
My sister wishes for a little girl to stand next to her son,
to have my eyes & her curiosity. Sometimes I want to see
how far my car can go before turning around all because
I miss someone or some thing. She says I have hips meant
for birthing, which I could take offense to if she were
anyone else. If I were anyone else, the idea of being
someone’s every morning might be everything. Nothing
might be what I’ll grow used to. My sister holds her belly,
her son inside, waiting for his life to begin; I look at maps,
wondering where I’d feel at home & if I’ll ever learn
my way around regrets. She worries about shelter & how
to keep my nephew safe; I spend too much time thinking
about tattoos & how they’ll keep me in my skin. My sister
is content planning her life for others; I become too distracted
trying to escape the boundaries I belong to. She knows
I have a name for a daughter & the eyes to watch her grow;
I cannot be sure I have a place for one.
:iconfuzzyhoser:FuzzyHoser 23 87
facing east
and what use are you
he asked
if you cannot save my life
what use am i

i replied
trading my soul
for his
:iconmatieucanadawilliams:MatieuCanadaWilliams 4 0
Walking to Work on a Monday Morning
Crushed beer bottles,
like flower petals,
adorn the morning
sidewalk.  Sparrows
flutter in formation
from crumb to crumb.
Graffiti Malala smiles, saying
“You’re halfway to work;
you’re halfway from home.”
:iconanapests-and-ink:anapests-and-ink 3 3
nonlover v
stumble over sentences till the
stuttering starts to spell static
nonsense statements of
nonessentials and near-successes;
nonlovers never need,
always know
ever ending expectations
of springtime spacetime
air, an actual aspiration
accumulates, aches, ages,
apparitions, abstracts
pick at paper cups and
pile up predictions of purpose
without promise
creases cringe,
create choking chapters
blank on black tarmac
pressed to the present like
plaques on playwrights
it's the same somewhere
everywhere else
because there's nothing there
:iconblanketings:blanketings 9 0
Red Dress, Blue Dress
I send Blue Dress to class today, because Red went yesterday and if she has to hear Donnie pronounce denizen wrong one more time, she will explode right there into crimson flames. Blue spent the day at home on my bed, reading The Namesake and filling a whole page in my journal with musings about identity. She's too much in her head sometimes. A little forced socialization will be good for her.
She's my Blue Dress, but that's only how I think of her -- today she's wearing a block-print t-shirt I made in art last year and my favorite pair of dark jeans. The part that makes her Blue Dress is where she smiles at the crossing guard and asks how his day is going, something Red wouldn't have thought of in a million years. Red Dress is at this moment on Netflix, in fact, starting the next season of my latest sitcom. Blue was deep enough for both of them yesterday. Red can study later. It's not like I won't have the time.
"Hey, Lia!" Donnie is at the locker next to mine like clockwork, eight mi
:iconthecheshercat:TheChesherCat 2 2
It is a hot day and Leo's skin is flushed pink. Cato stretches out on the beach blanket next to him, hands behind his head and eyes closed. Leo stares at the book he is reading for ten minutes without turning a page. When a small girl in a blue swimsuit runs past, scattering sand over the two of them, Cato flinches, and Leo closes the book.
"The sun will be going down soon," Leo says.
"Yes." Cato does not open his eyes.
"This has been a really great day."
Leo says, "Listen, I've been thinking..."
Cato cracks open one eye, squinting against the sun's glare.
"About what you said. Don't you remember how we met?"
Cato opens both eyes, staring at the cloudless sky. He says, "Yes. The library. Looking for Majewski. It seems like longer than three months."
Leo puts the book down on the blanket, picks it up again. His hands are fidgety. "You said nobody writes about gay characters. What if someday, two people meet over this? Your collection?"
"We were talking about fantasy. I think Sap
:iconthecheshercat:TheChesherCat 2 4
A Spaceman Came Travelling
It was the smell of mince pies that greeted Kahj when he walked through the front door after a long day at work on December 1st. Once the door had slid closed behind him he removed his cap and his mask, setting them down on the kitchen counter, and inhaled the pleasant scent of baking pastry and sweet fruits. He loved being home.
In fact Kahj regarded himself as a remarkably lucky young man. His job with the Federation both challenged him and paid well, and it didn’t hurt that his uniform had the tendency to make his wife go a little weak in the knees – he was almost certain it was his uniform he and Cynthia had to thank for Sirius.
‘Cynthia is feeding the twins.’ His AI, Akin, said, appearing in miniature on the little holopad upon the counter.
Kahj nodded, giving his arms and tentacles a stretch, and glanced towards the stairs.
‘And Sirius?’
The pattering of approaching feet answered him faster than
:iconthemoormaiden:TheMoorMaiden 2 4
woozy for the ache of
her daylight love / my thoughts
bounce off the walls like
molecules / like this conversation
is a pinball machine / like the world
is ending. & / i know
that this straying
breaks me up, & you are
straining / to hold me down: but
i can feel her / in
the way my mouth
flickers like the lights, watch
her static snarled in my strobe,
breathe / just the way she taught me
& in the humble murmur i find peace,
& without her the peace is all i have
:iconpeaseblossoms:peaseblossoms 30 4
Tiger by silvercrossfox Tiger :iconsilvercrossfox:silvercrossfox 25 2 Inktober Day 3 - Poison by silvercrossfox Inktober Day 3 - Poison :iconsilvercrossfox:silvercrossfox 8 1 Breath of the Wild: Chuchus! by toxic--sunrise Breath of the Wild: Chuchus! :icontoxic--sunrise:toxic--sunrise 2 2
softly --
c i r c l i n g
your fingertips against my throat..  
:icontrappedwitch:trappedwitch 3 4
little diamonds of the sky by trappedwitch little diamonds of the sky :icontrappedwitch:trappedwitch 11 2 Juscelino by Ndzoodzoo Juscelino :iconndzoodzoo:Ndzoodzoo 18 27 The Devil of Hell's Kitchen by xxBatzyxx The Devil of Hell's Kitchen :iconxxbatzyxx:xxBatzyxx 8 3
october. I love this month. 

I'm giving inktober a go. I think it'll be cool to have a month's worth of work. it will also force me to take mindful breaks which are vital right now.

anyone going to see Blade Runner 2049? anyone see Blade Runner? what do you think of it? I've only watched it once and didn't care for it. I've heard it grows on you so I may give it another shot before I see 2049.

seen any good movies lately? I'd like to see Mother! cause I like pretentious ish but I don't know if it's my brand of pretentious. I like Malick's brand. last film I saw in theaters was IT and I thought it was a pretty good time. 



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